Here’s what you should read to fall asleep fast

I haven’t slept in ten days. Okay, okay… that’s a tad dramatic. I have slept – just not much. (And definitely not as much as I’m used to.) After starting a program to get certified as a physical therapist assistant, my life’s been insane. Every conscious moment’s spent sucking information into my brain organ as […]

Reverse psych yourself to sleep with this tip…

Trying your hardest to fall asleep when you hit the hay? Well, here’s a counter-intuitive tip from the slumber pros I recently heard: Cogitate on the opposite of nodding off. I know. I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around it, either, initially. I mean, you’re telling me that by laying there and contemplating wakefulness, I […]

Are your nightly hygiene habits the reason you can’t sleep?

It doesn’t make any sense. Here, I’m half asleep on the sofa after a soporific supper and cup of chamomile. Yet, not five minutes into scouring down my mug and molars in the bathroom, I’m ready to go for a night run. What gives? I was literally as alert as a roofie’d coed moments ago. […]

Cold water can help me sleep too?

So… you now know that you can cover your body in hot water for nocturnal restfulness. But did you know that cold water can also do the trick? I mean – if applied primarily to the face? The idea’s similar between these two approaches in that they both sucker punch your nervous system. But, whereas […]