Why eight hours isn’t eight hours – if you hit the hay late

Ever notice how getting to bed before ten (versus midnight plus) doesn’t cut the gusto mustard? (“So glad I set an extra fifteen minute snoozer to sit here and try to remember how to life.”) Like, even if you get eight hours in, the latter lay down time leaves you with significantly less zest? Me […]

Are your nightly hygiene habits the reason you can’t sleep?

It doesn’t make any sense. Here, I’m half asleep on the sofa after a soporific supper and cup of chamomile. Yet, not five minutes into scouring down my mug and molars in the bathroom, I’m ready to go for a night run. What gives? I was literally as alert as a roofie’d coed moments ago. […]

Would you spray this in your face for a better sleep?

Marilyn Monroe was famed for spritzing on nada but Chanel No. 5 before bed. But what if there was a spray that could help you actually make you go to sleep? Alright. Calm down, Cos. No, it’s not a roofie. Or a perfume for that matter. (Though I’ve found much success with aromatherapy.) What it […]

Chronotypes are culturally created and totally changeable

“I’d give anything to get my body back on a regular sleeping schedule…” Oh, would you? How about your phone? Or laptop? All while camping in the Rockies for a week? Yes, while sacrificing technology alone may feel like a wasteland vacation, doing both was the design of a recent sleep study – taking test […]

Wake and fake: can artificial sunshine clocks cure morning grogginess?

“What?! Where am I? Who am I?” At the first sound of my iphone’s sarcastic sounding alarm (I’ve come to loathe that treacle chiming noise) every morning, this’s often the first string of internal inquiries I have for myself. That hateful clanging wakes me into a world of confusion I’m reluctant to rejoin. Here, I […]

Can you OD on this sleep hormone?

So… if it’s naturally found in my body – it’s okay to take as a sleep aid, in pill form. Right? Right…? Not necessarily. And definitely not when it comes to melatonin, according to some studies. Thing is, while melatonin is associated with sleep cycles and is made by our own bodies, ushering a surplus […]

Is the amber light special what your sleep’s missing?

Finally. You’re nice and calm after a long soul-sucking day. Your anxious breathing has finally given way to a deep, diaphragmatic, oceanic ebb and flow. So you hop into bed. And… you pick up your phone. (Like if you’re so sleep deprived that you just looked for the “like” button. In an article. Twice.) And […]