Can never going to bed make you dead?

Sleepless nights are obviously uncomfortable. But could never getting any shut eye, shut your eyes… eternally? (“Great. Thanks. Fretting about that’ll *really* help me fall asleep now.”) I’m so grateful I don’t have to worry about this. Since I started writing for this site, I’ve had to do the kind of research that makes you […]

Can’t fall asleep? Rise and unwind instead.

You’ve probably heard that getting out of bed earlier in the morning makes you more alert all day. But what about getting out of bed way earlier? Like… the night before? If such a counter-intuitive suggestion seems confusing, don’t worry. I too was perplexed until I heard this little nugget snooze news mindblow out. But […]

Are YOU the reason you can’t sleep? Try CBT-I

Think you have insomnia? Well, maybe “thinking” is what got you into this sleepless mess to begin with, says science. See, as with many a disorder that manifests in a bodily way, insomnia can blossom up from the unfortunate soil of some underlying cognitive issue you’re having. It doesn’t mean you’re defective. It doesn’t mean […]

Does taking this vitamin at night deprive you of sleep?

Ah, vitamins. Those organic mini orbs you swallow in rocket shapes or enjoy as dissolvible fizzy tablets. They’re not drugs. So it shouldn’t matter when you take them…. right? Wrong. (“Wait – if I take the blue pill, I’ll just wake up, won’t I?”) Possibly, young woman who looks far too amused for that tiny […]

Stab myself to sleep? Challenge accepted.

Tossing and turning again? Well, then, mayhaps you’d fancy a poke to help you get to sleep. No, no, no… Not in the sexy English sense. I mean, while late night boot knocking might be a fantastic fix for insomnia, we’ll cover that in another article. Someday. If my overlords let me. However, the type […]

How my steamy bedroom habits are hampering my sleep…

If you’re like me (and you loathe cold weather), you might have a high energy bill this time of year. (Which, parallels that too-high thermostat setting of yours.) “Let’s keep the excessive heat theme going and just set it on fire…” For me, it’s because I like to pretend summer hasn’t even left at all. […]

Can these daily tips mitigate your nightly rest? (Part 2)

In the last piece on preparing by day for better nights, we covered some crucial points. Namely they surrounded your tasks, technology, and tonics. The pros purport that you should do your chores early, stop technology use early, and forget the frappucinos six hours of less before bed – if you want your time there […]

Can these daily tips mitigate your nightly rest? (Part 1)

So, you’re laying there wide eyed and unable to shutter your lids for sleep’s sweet release. “Why me? Is it punishment for having perfect hair? I feel like it’s punishment for having perfect hair…” And it doesn’t make sense, seeing as you’ve tried every OTC (and maybe a dose or two of non-OTC) remedies to […]

How an everyday itinerary can improve your sleep

Ever tried to actually pick apart the thoughts keeping you up at night? If the answer’s no, I get it. Generally, it all just turns into static anxiety for me, as well. However, not long ago, I had some success trying to dissect the thought pasta plaguing my attempt at a reprieve from the business […]

Thought-somnia: Is writing wrong to do before bed?

Ever had one of those rare nights of sleeplessness… after doing everything right? No blue light after sunset. No strange foods. You even had a nice warm mug of valerian root tea. It’s all ticked off – the whole, well planned, nocturnal checklist. (Foreshadowing: mayhaps writing before bed’s a less than genius move to usher […]