Why eight hours isn’t eight hours – if you hit the hay late

Ever notice how getting to bed before ten (versus midnight plus) doesn’t cut the gusto mustard? (“So glad I set an extra fifteen minute snoozer to sit here and try to remember how to life.”) Like, even if you get eight hours in, the latter lay down time leaves you with significantly less zest? Me […]

Can’t fall asleep? Rise and unwind instead.

You’ve probably heard that getting out of bed earlier in the morning makes you more alert all day. But what about getting out of bed way earlier? Like… the night before? If such a counter-intuitive suggestion seems confusing, don’t worry. I too was perplexed until I heard this little nugget snooze news mindblow out. But […]

Should I take 5-HTP for sleep?

I’ve got a lot of au naturel sleep-aid go-to’s. But, after my dog died, nada worked. I was getting zilch on the Z’s. My Holy Basil was failing me. My chamomile didn’t work. Even my Valerian was a bust. So, when I saw my friend Beth’s recent post about how she cured her own sleep […]

How I “became” an early riser

Someone asked me once how I managed to be such an “early bird”. And that’s a valid inquiry for a sleep site like this. Because, if you’re not heading into your day feeling well rested, then what’s the point of falling asleep in the first place? Right? See, I work from 10 – 7 at […]

Better bedtime headrests: which pillow’s right for you?

Still waking up feeling less than rested? Even after getting in seven hours, an early bedtime, and no late-night blue light exposure? Well, your fatigue might not be all in your head. But it could be in what’s under your head. (Less pucker, more posture-pedic next time, kaythx.) That’s right. I’m talking pillow quality here. […]

Snore no more with Nora

Of course you want your beloved bedmate to have blissful night’s sleep. But when that means interrupting yours with their abhorrent snoring? Less so. (She’s only smiling ’cause them dreamless evenings got her daydreaming about putting an eternal end to his noise.) Fear not, my fellow sufferers of constant, nocturnal, auditory assault imparted by your […]

Are your nightly hygiene habits the reason you can’t sleep?

It doesn’t make any sense. Here, I’m half asleep on the sofa after a soporific supper and cup of chamomile. Yet, not five minutes into scouring down my mug and molars in the bathroom, I’m ready to go for a night run. What gives? I was literally as alert as a roofie’d coed moments ago. […]

Keep your Z’s and $’s with this DIY Snoozeenie.

There’s this scene from the romcom “Trainwreck” that’ll likely resonate with those of you who share a bedspace. Especially the ones who fail at keeping our mattress comrades happy – and vice versa. Here, Schumer’s just trying to get some sleep. Yet, something about the breath and sweaty flesh of her bedmate is making that […]

Why does my body hop when I’m nodding off?

Your body can be a real jerk sometimes. Literally , I mean. Especially while you’re trying to fall asleep and your it decides to have a sudden case of twitchy Tourette’s-esque tics. Maybe this has happened to you too. Ever end a long day – and then attempt to slip into blissful subconsciousness for the […]

Why I’m wishing you all salty – not sweet – dreams.

Waking up gasping every night? Maybe you just need breathing room. No, seriously. A breathing room, specifically. In what’s now becoming a long list of “shiz Ashley never knew ’cause she’s outta the loop”, we can apparently add this soporific form of therapy called: “breathing rooms”. Or “salt breathing rooms”, if you like. Or “halotherapy” […]