Can cuddling this robot help you fall asleep?

Robots do everything for us now. They direct us to new locales. They autocorrect so much that we forget how to spell “forget” anymore. They even suggest restaurants when you ‘n bae can’t make a decision on Friday night. (Or any other night for that matter, if we’re being honest.) It’s just too bad that […]

Here’s what you should read to fall asleep fast

I haven’t slept in ten days. Okay, okay… that’s a tad dramatic. I have slept – just not much. (And definitely not as much as I’m used to.) After starting a program to get certified as a physical therapist assistant, my life’s been insane. Every conscious moment’s spent sucking information into my brain organ as […]

The yoga class that helps you rest better

“So, what are you doing tonight?” It’s a typical question, really. One that’s generally tailed by an invitation to go do stuff. And I’m grateful for the invite. But it’s late. And a weekday. And I’m not 23 anymore. So I reply, monosyllabically: “Cocooning.” Now, anyone who knows me, knows that means I’m sheathed in […]

Feeling tight and tired every morning? Try this!

“Can I call in catatonic to work?” Ever wake up like Igor? All hunched over and barely mobile? I mean, you went to bed relatively okay. But, when you woke up, it felt like you were in a straightjacket of your own muscles. Shoulders hunched forward. Pecs invisibly stitched and cinched tight ‘til you could […]

This inflatable fleece is a literal dream come true for public slumberers

Sometimes you can’t sleep because of stress. Sometimes it’s ’cause you caffeinated too late in the day. But other times? Other times it’s just ’cause you’re trying to slumber in public. (And there’s zero comfy way to do that. Even if you’re a social media king kazillionaire.) I’ve faced this mattressless predicament many a time. […]

Can you erase last night’s bad sleep with your brain?

“I’m so tired…” Ever hear yourself saying this all day long? And then following it up with why? Kids. Bills. The insomnia. (Which is actually really self induced ’cause you’re addicted to trolling the binary corridors of Reddit all night.) Well, according to science, you might be making it worse. Sure, you didn’t get seven […]

Reverse psych yourself to sleep with this tip…

Trying your hardest to fall asleep when you hit the hay? Well, here’s a counter-intuitive tip from the slumber pros I recently heard: Cogitate on the opposite of nodding off. I know. I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around it, either, initially. I mean, you’re telling me that by laying there and contemplating wakefulness, I […]

Can never going to bed make you dead?

Sleepless nights are obviously uncomfortable. But could never getting any shut eye, shut your eyes… eternally? (“Great. Thanks. Fretting about that’ll *really* help me fall asleep now.”) I’m so grateful I don’t have to worry about this. Since I started writing for this site, I’ve had to do the kind of research that makes you […]

Let a sleep salve solve your insomnia tonight

Anyone else planning a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve? (Sounds pretty legit to me, TBH) After a long Christmas holiday – possibly spent entertaining family from out’ve town – going out on the town may sound less than stellar to you. No, ma’am. You wanna stay in with your dog, toddler, lover, or […]

Five “fall back” sleep tips for time rewind torpor

Anyone else feel a little off when the alarm went off this morning? Especially now that we’ve officially “fallen back” an hour with our clocks? “Wouldya just ‘leaf’ me a alone?” What a difference an hour makes. And what a difference perspective does, for that matter, too. I mean, here everyone’s telling you that “you […]